Before starting the game, you should pay attention to its characteristics. These include payout percentage, variance, paytable, symbols, and additional risk games. Watch the online casino news and win with us.

Payout percentage

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the percentage of payments or the mathematical expectation of a win. The payout percentage is a certain part of the total bets in the slot, which is guaranteed to be returned to the players in the form of winnings. Some slot machines offer up to 98% payouts, while others only offer up to 90%.


The second important characteristic is variance, or the degree of deviation from the mathematical expectation. In simple terms, this is the percentage of risk. The lower this percentage, the more likely it is to win in this slot machine.
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Today you can find three types of machines: low, medium and high variance. The most popular are those with average variance. It is also worth noting that the developers never indicate the variance of the slot. But you can define it yourself by some other characteristics:

Pay table . A very easy way. You just need to pay attention to the maximum payout ratio. If it does not exceed the rate increase by 5,000 times – with low variance, up to 10,000 – with medium variance, more than 10,000 – with high variance.

Demo version of the game . Any big manufacturer offers a demo slot machine mode. To calculate the variance, you just need to play it. If in half an hour the slot machine issued winning combinations with low and medium payout rates, the slot can be classified as low-dispersion. But if for all the time the slot machine has given you a couple of expensive combinations, this is a video slot with a high variance. Do not trust this mode very much, as some manufacturers use a different random number generator for it.


Most often, the table is located in the “Help” section of the site. It contains all the symbols and their combinations with the winning odds. Each slot machine has different symbols and combines them in different ways. Also, all video slots have regular and extra payments. All this can be found in the paytable.