Video slots are slot machines presented in online casinos and land-based clubs. The difference between this device is the absence of physical reels with symbols. Basically, slots are not much different from ordinary slot machines. The rules and principles of the game have been preserved. Online casino rating . But, with the invention of video slots, other gaming possibilities came as well:

  • an increase in the number of combinations due to the variety of symbols on the reels;
  • use of 3D graphics;
  • new options on slots: bonus games, etc .;
  • a larger number of pay lines (some have completely abandoned the lines, replacing them with the formation of prize combinations).

Advantages of slots and online slot machines over other casino games

Slot machines are very popular among online casino players . But how are they different from other online games?
Bonus incentives system. Any slot machine will offer you a huge selection of bonuses. These can include free spins, wilds, multipliers, bonus games, welcome bonuses, and jackpots. All these bonuses stir up the interest of the gamer and more and more entice him into the game process.

  • Assortment of games. Today casinos can present a large list of games for every taste. They differ in theme, design, reward system, number of reels and paylines, payment and withdrawal methods. Each player will find his own slot machine.
  • Design. Slots differ from other games in their graphics and themes. All slots are made in bright colors, the design is thought out to the smallest detail. But at the same time there is nothing superfluous that could distract the user from the game process.
  • Rapid development. One of the advantages of slot machines is the rapid development of the gambling business. New slots appear on the slot machine market every day. Each is different from each other and better than the previous one.

Video slots are different not only in design and theme, they also differ in game characteristics.

Varieties of slot machines:

  • slots that have 3 reels;
  • slot machines with 5 reels;
  • video slots with 6 or 7 reels;
  • game slots with 9 reels.

It is also worth noting that competition in online gambling improves the quality of slot machines. Since the number of slots is growing every day, each developer needs to try hard to stand out from the crowd. Because of this, each next video slot is better than the previous one. The development companies of the game provider do not stop there and embody the best ideas and fantasies.

How to choose the right gambling slots

It is easy to choose a slot machine and start the game. Even a novice gamer can cope with this task. To get started, study the range of games and choose the one that suits you. See top casinos for hryvnia . You can choose according to the topic of interest, design, or the developer you like. Most of the games have a demo version (free to play), which will help you understand the rules and understand the game. If you are ready to start playing for real money, you will need:

  • Place a bet.
  • Choose the number of pay lines.
  • Decide on the game mode: automatic (often this function is denoted by the letter “A”) or by pressing the start button.
  • Collect combinations.

The combinations form the same symbols that are located on the reels. Combinations are read from the left drum to the right. Often, some combinations form bonus options (replacing missing pictures, starting free spins, starting bonus mini-games).